Wednesday, 4 January 2012

So, I may or may not be back!

Hey anyone who may be looking at this rather dead website!  Been having a hard time out there in the real world and it has sort of kept me from my little corner of the internet, but, things are looking up, so I'm going to see if I can get back to this.

I started the blog to talk about WoW and this will almost still be a major part of my little incoherent babblings, but I may expand out a bit and talk about some of the bits and pieces that I'm enjoying/being annoyed at/being affected by/no longer being affected by (delete as appropriate).  Any way, Peri is still healing raids in Disc, Barbican is all grown up and I now have 2 further raid geared 85s in Hainault (Holy Paladin) and Osterly (Restoration Druid).  Yes I realise that that is 4 healers, but, hey, I like healing so it works.

Some quick 4.3 thoughts:

1) Loving Dragon Soul (DS), all the bosses still feel fun although it may be a tad undertuned,

2) Looking For Raid (LFR, unsurprisingly), great idea by Blizzard and does successfully get those who don't have time to raid in a guild into the instances that they have spent ages lovingly crafting (or throwing together while high/drunk, depends who you ask),

3) LFR, terrible idea by Blizzard, designed specifically to increase the blood pressure of anyone who actually knows what they're doing and can pull somewhere above 10k DPS by smashing their face repeatedly on the keyboard,

4) LFR, awesome idea by Blizzard, great way to gear up alts and allow me to get my 4 piece slightly earlier than I otherwise would,

5) LFR, worst idea ever.  What's that Blizz? You expect me to run DS normal on my main and run LFR too (at least early on)? Come on you said you wanted rid of that multiple run stuff when you linked 10 and 25 man raids? No, I got the wrong end of the stick, ah, OK then, got it.

Anyway, so I'm (sort of) back.


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